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ROM NET is an interactive agency that offers a full range of online advertising and marketing services.
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What we do


Web Development

We consider that every project has its own objectives, target and strategy and it must be treated in a special way, according to its needs. No matter if it is a blog, a website or an intranet we have the experience to develop it and any new project represents a challenge for us.

For every project we follow a procedure that includes several steps:

  • Study and understanding the project
  • Research
  • Planning the strategy
  • Development
  • Testing the application
  • Implementation
  • Analyze and evaluation of the project

Interactive marketing – design and creativity

The internet offers many possibilities to express and develop creative ideas. Unlike the classic media, it offers the opportunity to quickly interact with your target, obtain feedback and give your visitor what he/she wants.

We consider that an advertising campaign is based on a communication strategy and the role of an Interactive agency is to find and recommend the best solution for this new media. Starting from the objectives and target we study, identify and develop the tools that can be used to get to the right audiences and we are focused on results.

Open to any client and suggestions and with a heavy background behind, we are ready to offer support, be creative and put even the most non conventional ideas into practice.

In order to obtain good results and get your campaign remarked on the very populate internet space we consider that few aspects must be taken into account:

  • good and connected message
  • copyrighted text for the internet
  • originality
  • attractive design

…and to all these will contribute a well written media plan.


Strategy and analysis

We breathe internet like we do it with air and we keep updated with everything that is new in this field and we are pleased to share our experience with the others. We do it with passion and it is our job to offer advice and give support to our clients.

Even if it’s about web development, an advertising campaign or a way to evaluate a project we can counsel in order to take the right decision for the online presence.

Evaluation and analyze represents the last steps in a marketing plan and give you a whole picture regarding your investment. It is the phase when we analyze the ROI of the project and decide on how to improve the next actions for the online communication.



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